Lifting Children Up

Goal: Raise $500 for Street Children in Asia

Lifting Children Up

Goal: Raise $500 for Street Children in Asia






Message from Bob

"Helping to lift children from the despair of the streets, to a lasting sense of value, purpose and hope for the future..."

Final Update, July 4: Calorie challenge now complete, 10,003 total and weights rang in at 1,000,000 total lbs. Thanks everyone for contributing and support for the children helped by this effort!

Update, June 21: Now at 8153 cal. and the end is in sight! Thank you!

Update, June 10: 5363 calories (53% there) and climbing! Thanks for your support!

Update, June 1: 1,000,000 lbs complete! Next target: 10,000 calories...about 46% there!

Update, May 21: Just shy of 990,000 now, tomorrow or Saturday we'll be at 1M! Then cardio till I drop! Thanks for everyone's support through this challenge!

Update, May 14: Reaching towards 80%, thank you for your support of prayer, encouragement and donation!

Update, May 6: Much progress, well on the way 65% for weights, shifting focus to cardio soon! Thank for your support of these children!

UPDATE, April 28: Just shy of half way there for weights (49%) and slowly gaining ground in the cardio (14%) too!

UPDATE, April 15: About 23% of the way there for weights and 10% for cardio (focusing on the gym first, transitioning to calorie burning next); 235,146 lbs

UPDATE, APRIL 10: About 10% of the way there on both challenges, thank you so much for your support thus far!!!


My campaign goal is a two-fold personal challenge, starting April 1, 2015; first, to lift a cumulative total of 1,000,000 lbs of weight in the gym, and second to burn 10,000 nominal calories on "cardio" equipment.

While a large amount of work lays ahead to meet these goals, this effort is nothing compared to what orphaned and abandoned kids face each and every day on the streets of a society that regards them as a blight and burden.

My targets are merely symbolic of these kids' monumental struggle, and completing these goals are just the beginning of my own journey of understanding and assisting in their need.

Won't you help me to help them, with a modest gesture to get their feet upon the right path?

I know that each of us are in our own unique place of struggle; be it economic, social or personal...but perhaps there is still something you can do?

First and foremost please pray for these children - pray for the easing of their struggle and their ability to cope and survive through the long-term. Pray also that those who aid them might be effective in their work and truly impact these young lives in a positive and lasting way.

If you do have the ability to then support them with a modest monetary gift, any amount, I humbly and sincerely thank you for that.

The children may never know our names or anything about us...but they will know that someone truly cared for them - driven not by personal gain but by love, and a conviction of what is noble and right.

Jesus said that "..whoever gives one of these little ones even a cup of cold water because he is a disciple, truly, I say to you, he will by no means lose his reward."

The reward of saving a young girl from a life of prostitution or a young boy from a life of gang violence, is beyond measure.

Thank you for your compassion.


$50.00CAD Bhavesh Lad

For Lifiting Children Up!!!

$50.00CAD Bob

Towards enabling hope and repairing damaged lives!

$50.00CAD Jen and Nate Bouterse

very inspiring!

$50.00USD Anonymous

Happy Easter!

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Street Children

Give a safe haven for vulnerable children

Many cities in Asia are rife with children who live alone on the streets. These children are vulnerable to kidnappers who sell them into bonded labor and the sex trade. Those who avoid kidnappers fall into gangs, drugs, and alcoholism. They know only distrust and pain; every day is a struggle to survive.

Your donation supports the ministry of GFA's street children homes. These homes provide the children with shelter, education, and food, as well as a message of Christ’s love.

You can change these little lives forever.

About Gospel for Asia


Since 1979, GFA has existed to fulfill one passion: seeing communities in Asia discover the same joy, hope and lasting peace we’ve found in Christ.

We serve to equip missionaries to minister throughout Asia. The projects funded through myGFA each play a significant part in helping missionaries serve more effectively and in transforming communities with the love of Christ.

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Bhavesh Lad
$50.00 CAD
For Lifiting Children Up!!!
"For Lifiting Children Up!!!"
$50.00 CAD
Towards enabling hope and repairing damaged lives!
"Towards enabling hope and repairing damaged lives!"
Jen and Nate Bouterse
$50.00 CAD
very inspiring!
"very inspiring!"
$50.00 USD
Happy Easter!
"Happy Easter!"
Paul & Mary
$50.00 CAD
From the Guthrie Family
"From the Guthrie Family"