Barnyard Bundle

Why Choose One Animal? Bless Multiple Families!

Raising funds for this bundle of animals gives you the opportunity to bless multiple families at once! The bundle includes six chickens, two goats, one cow, and four pigs. These animals can help pull families out of poverty, put meals on the table, and send children to school.

Each animal in the Barnyard Bundle not only provides a vital source of income for an impoverished family, but also shows them the love of Christ in a tangible way.

  • This Barnyard Bundle includes 12 helpful animals to bless multiple families.
  • One pair of chickens can produce up to 40 dozen eggs a year, and this bundle includes three pairs! - $33
  • A pair of goats provides plenty of milk to drink and sell, and at least two offspring a year. - $140
  • A sturdy, all-in-one cow pulls carts and ploughs, and provides lots of milk. - $375
  • Four pigs can give many piglets a year, for a lot of pork to eat and sell! - $130

Raise Funds for a Barnyard Bundle

Together with a few friends, you can make a huge impact and create lasting fruit in people’s lives! For $678 a bundle, you can provide twelve practical animals that will bless multiple families.

Our Stewardship Commitment

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