Bicycles: Help Missionaries Go Farther, Faster

Gospel for Asia-supported missionaries often walk several hours a day to reach the unreached villages of South Asia. But when they hop on their new bikes for the first time, their ministries are changed forever.

With your help, a missionary’s travel from one village to another is no longer a tremendous burden.

Daily journeys that once took hours have become just a short bike-ride. Now, missionaries will reach more villages, allowing more people than ever to hear the name of Jesus Christ.

Approximately 90 percent of these bicycles are given to GFA-supported missionaries. Bicycles are also given through the gift distribution program to help the poor earn a better living or get to work or school from far distances. Through the gifts, recipients experience Christ’s love.

  • When you raise funds for bicycles, you help take the Gospel to more unreached villages.
  • Bicycles offer reliable transportation with little cost. At only $110 per bicycle, it's easy to raise funds for bicycles.
  • Missionaries won't have to waste precious time walking from village to village. By riding a bike, they can minister to more people.
  • Bicycles are easy to repair, making travel consistent and reliable. Parts are readily available and the cost of maintenance is low.

Raise Funds for One Bicycle or a Whole Fleet

By raising funds for bicycles, you will enable missionaries in South Asia are able to tell more people about Christ than ever before. Motivate your team to transform numerous villages, all with the help of this simple, inexpensive tool—the bicycle.