Warm their hearts with Christ’s love

When temperatures drop and the wind blusters during the winter season, who doesn’t like to curl up with a soft, cozy blanket? For many impoverished families in South Asia that’s not an option. They may have only a small cooking fire to keep their house warm, or they may not have a home at all.

Your gift of a blanket will keep someone warm through the freezing winter temperatures and demonstrate Jesus’ love in a tangible way.

By starting a campaign, you’ll help Gospel for Asia-supported missionaries share the message of hope by equipping them with blankets to give to those in need.

By raising funds, you can provide:

  • Blankets meet an immediate physical need for warmth and comfort
  • Children and the elderly stand a better chance of surviving harsh winters.
  • At only $12 it’s easy to start raising money for blankets.

Raise Funds for Blankets

By raising funds for blankets, Gospel for Asia-supported missionaries can share the love of Christ with people in need. Motivate your friends to touch a family with the help of this small, inexpensive gift—a blanket.