A Small Gift That Makes a Big Difference

For the people of Asia, a pair of chickens can create a steady income. Chicken eggs provide food for the family and the extras can be sold at the market. Chickens also make more chickens, which provides for a family for years.

At only $11 a pair, chickens are an easy way to impact a family in an amazing way.

By starting a campaign, you’ll enable Gospel for Asia-supported missionaries to share the love of Christ by giving chickens to those in need.

Watch the video to see one family who was impacted by chickens

  • A rooster and a hen can produce up to 40 dozen eggs a year, providing nourishment for a family!
  • When the chickens multiply, they soon turn into a whole flock, providing income for years.
  • With the income produced from chickens, kids can go to school and medical bills can get paid.
  • Chickens are easy to take care of and can thrive anywhere in South Asia.
  • Raise Funds for a Pair of Chickens or a Whole Flock

    By raising funds for chickens, Gospel for Asia-supported missionaries can share the love of Christ with people in need. Motivate your friends to transform numerous families, all with the help of this small, inexpensive gift.