Clean Water Projects


Could you imagine walking for miles carrying a jug of contaminated water for your family to drink? For many of us, the thought seems far-fetched, but for the 663 million people worldwide who do not have access to safe water, it is a sad reality.

Many women and children must travel for miles in order to bring back water for their families to drink, cook and clean with. Often, the water they have walked so far to get is contaminated water from a pond or river. Unfortunately, many families lose their loved ones every year due to waterborne illnesses.

You can help! Your campaign for Clean Water Projects can help improve the health and hygiene of entire villages in developing nations. Families will receive access to clean water through BioSand water filters or Jesus Wells. A BioSand water filter strips away impurities, making the water 98 percent pure, and a Jesus Well will help bless an average of 300 people with access to fresh, clean water for decades. These wells and filters also require maintenance and your funds will help with that as well, allowing for workers to build relationships with recipients of these projects.

  • Clean water can help improve the health and sanitation of families and villages, leading to healthier and longer lives.
  • BioSand water filters are easy to use, purifying water from any source within minutes.
  • Jesus Wells are located in the village community, often allowing women and children a safer and shorter distance to travel.
  • Clean water projects and regular maintenance are all provided in the name of Jesus.

Raise funds for clean water projects

A single BioSand water filter costs only $30 and can often serve the needs of multiple families in nations where we serve, and a Jesus Well can give an entire village access to clean disease-free water for only $1,400. By starting a myGFA campaign for Clean Water Projects, you can be the one to help make an impact in the lives of many—both physically and spiritually!

Our Stewardship Commitment

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