COVID-19 Relief

Food, Aid for the Most Needy

The COVID-19 pandemic sweeping the globe is bringing death and destruction—yet India and other parts of South Asia are just now at the start of what promises to be a nightmare. Limited medical resources will be overwhelmed, but the most immediate danger for millions will be the prospect of starvation.

We at GFA and our field partners have entered an all-out crisis-response mode to immediately help the most destitute: the beggars who now have no way of receiving alms, the daily laborers without jobs, people living on the streets and anyone else in need.

GFA-supported workers were on the ground when India’s lockdown began on March 25, and they worked with local governments to provide aid immediately. With a wide reach of thousands of congregations and fellowship groups spread throughout South Asia, GFA-supported workers are in a unique position to provide food and medical supplies where others cannot.

By starting a campaign for COVID-19 relief, you will help us provide food and aid to those in greatest need.

The funds raised through your campaign will support Gospel for Asia’s Compassion Services Fund, which allows us to respond immediately during times of disaster to meet critical needs.

  • GFA-supported workers are on the ground to provide aid right away, but they also help even after others leave.
  • The flexibility of the Compassion Services Fund allows us to provide food, soap, masks, or whatever is needed most.

Raise Funds for COVID-19 Relief in Asia

By beginning a campaign for COVID-19 relief, you enable us to serve those in greatest need due to the coronavirus pandemic. Motivate your friends to come alongside you in impacting someone’s life in this critical time.

Our Stewardship Commitment

Gospel for Asia is dedicated to the most effective and efficient stewardship of resources, according to 1 Corinthians 3:12-14. Contributions to GFA are income tax deductible to the full extent allowed by law. All gift options represent GFA’s actual ministry efforts to meet the diverse needs of individuals and communities. Regardless of particular designations, moneys are raised for ministry purposes, and GFA retains discretion to use donated funds in any manner that serves our charitable objectives.