Film Ministry

Christ's Love on the Big Screen

What if you could be a part of telling the story of Jesus for the first time to hundreds of people every night? Two missionaries outfitted with an LCD projector kit can show the Indian-made film Man of Mercy and share the Gospel with an entire village in one night.

By fundraising for film ministry, you're equipping these missionaries for the one of the most effective ministries on the field and supporting the local pastor by presenting the story of Jesus to his village.

The movie presentation also gives credibility to the local pastor, as villagers can see he's part of a larger church movement.

The Jesus film is the first film many villagers have ever seen, as well as their first time hearing about their Savior.

  • Having never seen a movie before, many villagers will come just to see a film for the first time. Ultimately, they get a chance to hear about God's love.
  • Being an Indian-made film, Man of Mercy is able to speak to the people in their own culture.
  • A film team can go to a different village every night, allowing them to reach many villages in a short period of time.

Impact many villages with film ministry

For $1,750, you provide an LCD projector kit containing a DVD player, microphone, flood lights, projector, sound system, screen, audiovisual wires, and a container to transport all these items. Ultimately these supplies will sow seeds of the Gospel in remote villages.

Our Stewardship Commitment

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