A Gift that Keeps Giving

Many impoverished men and women in developing nations struggle to provide food and income for their families. With a gift of goats, you can give sustenance and financial stability to these families. Goats provide plenty of milk for an entire family to drink and sell. The milk is rich in calcium and other nutrients, keeping families that can’t always afford medical care healthy and happy. A pair of goats will also produce at least two kids each year which can then be sold or kept for their milk, further supplementing their income.

By starting a campaign for goats, you will provide a family with sustenance and an income.

The funds raised through your campaign will provide goats for people in need. The goats will be distributed by the local church to a family or individual, and the recipients also have to opportunity to hear about the love of Jesus.

  • A pair of goats provide nourishment to a poor family
  • They can give financial stability
  • At only $140 it’s easy to start raising funds for goats.

Raise Funds for Goats

By beginning a campaign for goats, you will provide a family in a developing nation with sustenance and an income. Motivate your friends to come alongside you in impacting someone’s life with this essential gift: a pair of goats.

Our Stewardship Commitment

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