Leprosy Ministry

Help leprosy patients hear the Good News and be healed

In some cultures, it’s common to flee from someone inflicted by leprosy. Considered unclean by society, people are afraid to catch the disease. Can you imagine having people run away from you wherever you went? Sometimes their own families abandon them. Poor and owning absolutely nothing, they can go days without a meal. What a horrible life and feeling of despair that would bring. BUT there is hope!

By giving to our leprosy ministry you can enable many leprosy patients to see God’s love displayed to them daily.

Each day we provide a nourishing meal for our leprosy patients, as well as medical treatment to help heal more quickly from the disease. Many are starving when they come to the leprosy colonies due to being shunned by society. Many of them don’t even have shoes! Our ministry provides custom shoes for them, making them feel happy and cared for, and helping to prevent disease from spreading to others.

    By raising funds, you can provide:

  • Medical treatment: those suffering with leprosy get urgent care for their needs, enabling them to heal faster!
  • A hot meal: who doesn’t want a hot meal? This allows them to get the nourishment they need, achieve good health and live longer!
  • Custom shoes: instead of walking on rocks and dirt, they now have support to go where they need to without hurting their feet!
  • Hygiene supplies: can you imagine not having a toothbrush? soap? shampoo? Basic necessities like these allow them to smell and feel good, which builds their confidence.

Raise funds for the leprosy ministry

By raising funds for leprosy ministry, you can help provide basic necessities for these leprosy patients and open the door for them to receive Jesus’ love!

Our Stewardship Commitment

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