Literacy Book Translation

Unleash the Power of the Written Word

With literacy books already translated into 10 different languages by Gospel for Asia-supported women missionaries, hope is stirring among the women who are learning the power of the written word. But many are still waiting to have a textbook in their language.

With your help, those who wouldn’t otherwise have the chance will learn to read, write and study God’s Word.

Illiterate women in Asia are mocked by society, swindled in markets and powerless to rise above the cruel circumstances of their lives. Illiteracy strikes the final blow to women already debilitated by poverty and discrimination. Even if they want to read, there is no way to learn…until now.

Find out how literacy book translations help women in Asia.

  • Say goodbye to debt. Women no longer have to sign bad contracts they can’t read.
  • Save a few bucks. Now that they know how to add, women can get fair prices in the market place.
  • Don’t drink that. Those warning labels make sense now. Women can keep their family safe from danger.
  • Let me write that down. How hard is it to remember things when you can’t write? It’s a simple skill that changes the lives of these women.
  • “For God so loved the...” Wow! For the first time, women can read the Bible and study God’s Word for themselves.

Raise funds for a new language for women’s literacy

From translation and training to printing up to 5,000 workbooks, the cost per translation is $8,000 - $10,000. In turn, women are equipped to take care of their families and can read the Bible for the first time. Motivate your team to empower numerous women with the simple gift of literacy, by funding this project from start to finish.