Mobile Teams

Mobile teams spread hope on four wheels

Bouncing along dusty roads, mobile teams are on a calculated mission. A rugged vehicle, all the necessary equipment, and five missionaries carry the Good News deep into nations where they serve.

Mobile teams support local pastors, connect with people and bring hope to communities seven days a week.

They conduct open air meetings and show villagers a powerful video on the life of Jesus. Many learn of Christ’s love and discover a new hope found only in Him.

  • Mobile teams share Bible stories and convey Christ’s message through music and video.
  • The team engages audiences with songs and skits in the language and style of the people.
  • The vehicle is always stocked with literature and Bibles, allowing the missionaries to share the Word of God.
  • The rugged vehicle offers years of service to the team, taking the Good News to thousands.
  • A fully equipped team includes a film on the life of Jesus, an LCD projector, generator, mobile public address system, Gospel tracts, Bibles, and flip charts for $21,000.

Raise Funds for a Fully Equipped Mobile Team

Over the course of it's life, one mobile team can reach over 1000 villages. This amazing tool can be provided for $21,000.

Our Stewardship Commitment

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