Mosquito Nets

Keep Malaria Out with Mosquito Nets

Many poor families in South Asia are in constant danger of contracting malaria, a life-threatening disease spread by mosquitoes. By using mosquito nets when sleeping, they can prevent most of the bites that cause the sickness.

By raising money for mosquito nets, you can help keep a family healthy as well as educate them about the importance of avoiding mosquitoes.

Your mosquito nets will go toward protecting poor families who can't afford enough nets to cover their entire household.

Mosquito nets like these keep families safe from malaria while they sleep.

  • Protect a family against deadly malaria.
  • For only $10, a single net can keep two to three people safe every night as they sleep.
  • Give a family a chance to learn about God's love and protection in Jesus.

Impact a family with mosquito nets

By raising funds for mosquito nets, you can protect many families in South Asia from the threat of malaria.