Nepal Earthquake Relief

Bring Hope to Nepal Earthquake Victims

Two massive earthquakes hit Nepal in April and May of 2015. Reports state that more than 8,000 people lost their lives and thousands of homes have been destroyed. It's estimated that at least a million lives have been permanently altered.

Gospel for Asia-supported workers were on the ground when the earthquakes hit. They were able to provide aid immediately. With a wide reach of 450 churches and 20 Bridge of Hope centers, they were in a unique position to provide aid where others could not.

You can help! Start a campaign and be the catalyst to bring aid and support to those in need. Encourage your friends and family to bring hope to the hopeless.

By raising funds, you not only help to provide tangible resources like water, blankets, clothing, food and shelter to those who have lost so much, but you help to bring the hope of Jesus to those in need.

  • Gospel for Asia teams are on the ground bringing emergency water, food and shelter to those in need.
  • Serving Nepal since 1990, Gospel for Asia-supported workers plan to stay for the long-haul, right alongside the millions affected.

Raise funds for Nepal Earthquake Relief

By raising funds for Nepal Earthquake Relief, you will help provide resources and materials to help earthquake victims.

Our Stewardship Commitment

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