Noah’s Ark Package

Share Christ’s Love with Pairs of Animals

For many families in developing nations, these gifts could bring hope for better lives. The Noah’s Ark Package brings together two of each animal in GFA’s Christmas Gift Catalog that will provide sources of income for families that can drastically improve their way of life. For example, these animals can provide food to eat or sell. Some, like the pigs, have many offspring which can become sources of income for the family. The larger animals, such as cows and water buffalo can be used to pull carts and farming equipment. Each animal brings long-term benefits to recipients, and most importantly, they’re tangible expressions of God’s love.

  • This Noah's Ark Package includes 12 helpful animals to bless those in need.
  • Chickens can produce 40 dozen eggs a year.
  • Goats provide milk to drink or sell and can produce at least two offspring a year.
  • Cows provide milk and can pull carts and ploughs.
  • Pigs can have up to 20 piglets a year and its meat can be eaten or sold.
  • Water buffalo can provide transportation, pull ploughs and carts, and produce milk to drink or sell.

Raise Funds for a Noah’s Ark Package

By raising funds for the Noah’s Ark Package, you are actively bringing the love of Christ to those who need Him. You are raising funds for practical, life-changing gifts that can bring hope to many families in need.

Our Stewardship Commitment

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