Outdoor Toilets

Help Flush Out Disease with an Outdoor Toilet

Many families in developing nations are forced to go to the bathroom outside, making sanitation difficult and disease common. An outdoor toilet installed near a family's house will give them a clean, private place to go to the bathroom.

By blessing a family with an outdoor toilet, you'll be a part of keeping them healthy and strong.

A sturdy two-tank system will ensure cleanliness and a vast improvement over current bathroom conditions.

A family now has a cleaner place to go to the bathroom.

  • Promote life-saving good hygiene by giving a family a way to keep themselves clean.
  • Give a family the opportunity to experience Christ's love when they receive this gift from their local church.

Impact a family with an outdoor toilet

At only $160 for an outdoor toilet, you can bless a family in a developing nation by making their house healthier and cleaner.

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