A Gift that Keeps on Giving!

You can give a pair of rabbits and help ensure a nutritious diet for growing families as they produce up to 40 bunnies a year! After a pair is given back to the church for distribution, additional offspring can also provide income for the family as well as nourishing meals.

At only $11 a pair, rabbits are an easy way to impact a family in an amazing way.

By starting a campaign, you’ll enable Gospel for Asia-supported missionaries to share the love of Christ by giving rabbits to those in need.

  • A pair of rabbits can produce up to 40 bunnies a year!
  • With the income produced from rabbits, kids can go to school and medical bills can be paid.
  • Rabbits are easy to take care of and can thrive anywhere in South Asia.

Raise Funds for Rabbits

By raising funds for rabbits, Gospel for Asia-supported missionaries can share the love of Christ with people in need. Motivate your friends to transform numerous families, all with the help of this small, inexpensive gift.