Water Buffalo

Provide Income for a Poor Family for Years

Giving a water buffalo to a poor family marks the beginning of several changes. The sale of milk generates income. The buffalo can plow fields and pull carts of goods to the market. Life becomes easier.

Having your friends, family members and coworkers donate toward a water buffalo will impact a family in an amazing way.

This all-in-one creature is often considered a “member of the family.” Starting a campaign to donate a buffalo is your first step in changing a family in a developing nation.

  • When you raise funds for a buffalo, you transform a family in a developing nation.
  • These sturdy animals survive in extreme environments and provide help year after year
  • With the income produced from water buffalo, kids can go to school and medical bills can get paid.
  • The time saved with the help of a water buffalo gives families more time to live.

Give A Buffalo to a Needy Family by Starting a Campaign Today

At $460 each, it doesn’t get much cooler than raising funds for a water buffalo. Who would’ve thought that a group of people could pool their resources to purchase such an animal? Your campaign will take this unique beast and turn it into one amazing gift.

Our Stewardship Commitment

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