Transform a widow's bleak future

Upon becoming a widow in some developing nations, a woman is often blamed for her husband's death and enters a life of shame. Burdened with the responsibility to care for her children alone, she is often forced into begging or even prostitution.

By supporting widows, you'll be a part in giving them means of renewable income, like a sewing machine or farm animals. You'll also help with daily essentials, like blankets and water filters.

Most of all, this support will be given through the local church, giving them a chance to learn about the unending love of Jesus Christ.

Watch how a widow's life can be transformed through simple, practical gifts.

  • Vocational training, such as tailoring classes, gives widows a sustainable way to provide for their families.
  • In a place where many women are illiterate, women's literacy classes for widows keep them from being forced to sign unfair contracts or charged extra at the market.
  • Practical gifts like water filters and blankets help widows with immediate needs of getting clean water and keeping her children warm.

Raise Funds to Change a Widow's Future

By raising funds for widows, women at the bottom of society will get a chance to experience God's love in both word and deed.

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