With a heart for those who are in the mission field of South Asia, Dany and Janine decided to raise funds for one bicycle for a missionary in Asia. They passionately reached out to their community, and because of the large response they received, they changed their goal to 100 bicycles!

Being a Christian is certainly not for those who are faint of heart, it takes courage, patience and most of all love.

– Dany and Janine

To engage their community, they took “a leap of faith” and went skydiving for the first time, using it as a symbol for someone who is on fire for the Lord. In their campaign description they said, “Being a Christian is certainly not for those who are faint of heart. It takes courage, patience and most of all love.”

The missionaries in Asia certainly aren’t faint of heart and exhibit courage, patience and love to those they meet in the field even while persecuted for their faith. Because of Dany and Janine’s dedication, they were able to provide 110 bicycles for missionaries in Asia, which allows those missionaries to reach more villages with the love of Christ.

“I had a clear vision of the beautiful scene below, two tiny parachutes, and thousands and thousands of lights in South Asia representing all those who will hear the gospel message because of these bicycles.”
- Janine

Watch a video of their jump, and find out how you can partner with the missionaries in Asia as well.

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