Jesus Wells

Give Water that Impacts Lives Physically, Spiritually

Jesus Wells increase the health standards of a village, allowing for children to be nourished and animals to be watered. The wells you provide are located in the village or community, so women and children no longer have to walk hours to find water.

With one well you can save an entire village from waterborne illnesses.

Unlike the dirty water from stagnant ponds, streams or old shallow wells, this water is clean and creates an awareness of good hygiene, leading to fewer medical problems and healthier people.

  • Drill a Jesus Well for only $1,400!
  • Installed with local contractors. This promotes the local economy and keeps costs down.
  • Clean water promotes an awareness of good hygiene, leading to fewer medical problems.
  • A Jesus Well can point people to Christ through a scripture verse about living water inscribed on the plaque next to it.
  • Often located near a church or Bible college, a Jesus Well provides many opportunities for missionaries to share the love of Jesus with the villagers who come for clean water.

Raise Funds for One Well or Multiple Wells

Along with some of your friends, you can change the physical and spiritual health of an entire village for only $1,400.

Our Stewardship Commitment

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