Hope is coming.♥

Goal: Raise $200 for Widows in Asia

Hope is coming.♥

Goal: Raise $200 for Widows in Asia






Message from Erin

My heart broke... and my heart weeped with tears when I watched "Veil of Tears."...I knew in my spirit that I could not leave this alone...So here I am asking for your help...My goal is $200.00, where 100% of the monies go directly to this campaign for widows...What better present can You or I give to someone who needs our love gift so desperately...We all can pretty much say that our Birthday's our pretty special..we have been so blessed, I have been so blessed...so in turn of my birthday coming up---Nov.5th...I will be giving, and not receiving. If you would like to join in on this heart felt gift to these forgotten women...I would so appreciate it..It will be...by far, the Best Birthday gift I could ever Imagine...is by giving to them--HOPE IS COMING, AND HAPPY BIRTH-DAY TO ALL THESE PRECIOUS SOULS & TO YOU FOR YOUR LOVE, IN CHRIST ALONE, Erin Lovett...PS. check out Veil of Tears movie and order your free copy and share in the joy of Hope.

About Widows

Upon becoming a widow in South Asia, a woman is blamed for her husband's death and enters a life of shame. Burdened with the responsibility to care for her children alone, she is often forced into begging or even prostitution.

You donation will help GFA give widows a means of renewable income, like a sewing machine or farm animals. You'll also help with daily essentials, like blankets and water filters.

This support will be given through the local church, giving widows a chance to learn about the love of Jesus Christ.

About Gospel for Asia


Since 1979, GFA has existed to fulfill one passion: seeing communities in Asia discover the same joy, hope and lasting peace we’ve found in Christ.

We serve to equip missionaries to minister throughout Asia. The projects funded through myGFA each play a significant part in helping missionaries serve more effectively and in transforming communities with the love of Christ.

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