Help Bring Them Hope

Goal: Raise $675 to help in Asia

Help Bring Them Hope

Goal: Raise $675 to help in Asia






Message from Courtney

Gospel for Asia is very special to my heart. I want to be able to help by getting everyone involved to make a difference in the world, and to make sure people know the Lord and are protected. Whatever you can help donate will be very much appreciated. Remember, whatever you sow out is what you reap.

About Bibles Society

Millions in Asia do not have a Bible. They lack more than a book—they lack a treasure that is filled with wisdom, encouragement and glimpses of the heart of their Creator. They are unable to search Scripture for themselves, and they have no way of sharing His Word with others.

Your donation toward Bible Society helps Gospel for Asia provide the Word of God for pastors, national missionaries, believers and others who hunger to know God. Every $5 can provide at least one Bible or New Testament.

About women's literacy

There are over 250 million women in South Asia who are illiterate. Because of this, Gospel for Asia-supported workers are training thousands of women every year to read.

Your donation will enable GFA to provide books, training materials, and classes for women in Asia. This will empower them to care for their families, avoid bad contracts that cause debt, and overcome abusive employers who take advantage of their ignorance. They’ll also get better prices at the marketplace—just because they can do math. Finally, churches will be strengthened as women are able to read the Bible for the first time.

About persecution relief

Daily, our brothers and sisters on the field face the reality of persecution for their faith in Christ. It's not uncommon for angry mobs of anti-Christians to beat up believers, burn down churches and torture pastors

By contributing to persecution relief, you'll be a part of paying the medical expenses for believers, which can also include travel to bigger hospitals for treatment.

The funds will also be used to replace destroyed Gospel literature, rebuild houses and repair damaged church buildings, providing healing for all aspects of life touched by persecution-related attacks.

About Gospel for Asia


Since 1979, GFA has existed to fulfill one passion: seeing communities in Asia discover the same joy, hope and lasting peace we’ve found in Christ.

We serve to equip missionaries to minister throughout Asia. The projects funded through myGFA each play a significant part in helping missionaries serve more effectively and in transforming communities with the love of Christ.

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Our Stewardship Commitment

We value your donation as a sacred trust and are committed to good stewardship of the funds entrusted to us by our friends and donors. All gift options represent GFA’s actual ministry efforts to meet the diverse needs of individuals and communities. Regardless of particular designations, monies are raised for ministry purposes, and GFA retains discretion to use donated funds in any manner that serves GFA’s charitable objectives.




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