Help Me Help Them

Goal: Raise $10000 for Widows and Street Children in Asia

Help Me Help Them

Goal: Raise $10000 for Widows and Street Children in Asia






Message from Desiree Annaida Bennett

Before I say anything. I want you to know, that what I am asking more than anything is for your prayer.

We need to partner with God and start a revival in the areas of the world that most of us have no way of going to physically.

The most powerful thing in the world is prayer. Let's start partnering with God and send armies of angels to save the helpless!


James 1:27 states, "Pure and undefiled religion before God and the Father is this: to visit orphans and widows in their trouble, and to keep oneself unspotted from the world." -NKJV

This is the foundation on which I have started this campaign.


There are 11 million children on the streets of Asia.

In India alone, there are 50 million children who work from age 4 on.


Every hour, a bride is burned alive in India.

There are millions of widows spending the rest of their lives begging for pennies. Some starting at the age as early as 18 because they marry so young.

In fact, In the Bay of Bengal, there is a place known as the Island of Widows. A home to thousands of women who's husbands have died.

With them, are their children.


In this world, today, there are 27,000,000 children, women and even men trapped in our version of slavery today. The sex slave industry.
Even in the United States.


These are just a few reasons why have started this campaign.

The Lord has not forgotten these orphans and widows. In fact, He loves them more than anyone could ever imagine.

I cannot sit here knowing the facts, sleep in my bed, eat my food and do nothing to help these hopeless and helpless souls.

If you think there is no way you can help, you are wrong.


Understand that He will not move without our prayer.

Understand that without your prayer, nothing will change in this world.

Remember James 1:27. And do not go to sleep tonight without praying for just one little child sleeping on the cold, dirty floor.


If the Lord places it on your heart to donate to this cause, know that every cent will go straight to saving those who have no one to help them.

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- (Exodus Cry)


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- Gospel For Asia
- Exodus Cry's "Nefarious"


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Street Children

Give a safe haven for vulnerable children

Many cities in Asia are rife with children who live alone on the streets. These children are vulnerable to kidnappers who sell them into bonded labor and the sex trade. Those who avoid kidnappers fall into gangs, drugs, and alcoholism. They know only distrust and pain; every day is a struggle to survive.

Your donation supports the ministry of GFA's street children homes. These homes provide the children with shelter, education, and food, as well as a message of Christ’s love.

You can change these little lives forever.

About Widows

Upon becoming a widow in South Asia, a woman is blamed for her husband's death and enters a life of shame. Burdened with the responsibility to care for her children alone, she is often forced into begging or even prostitution.

You donation will help GFA give widows a means of renewable income, like a sewing machine or farm animals. You'll also help with daily essentials, like blankets and water filters.

This support will be given through the local church, giving widows a chance to learn about the love of Jesus Christ.

About Gospel for Asia


Since 1979, GFA has existed to fulfill one passion: seeing communities in Asia discover the same joy, hope and lasting peace we’ve found in Christ.

We serve to equip missionaries to minister throughout Asia. The projects funded through myGFA each play a significant part in helping missionaries serve more effectively and in transforming communities with the love of Christ.

Learn more about GFA



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