Save Street Children in India

Goal: Raise $500 for Street Children in Asia

Save Street Children in India

Goal: Raise $500 for Street Children in Asia






Message from Jill

There are over 100,000 children living in the streets in India. Whether it's because they are abused at home or they have a mother who is a prostitute, whether they are considered a special child where they are sent away from the family because they have "demons" all of these children are on the streets and we can help them to be in these schools where they are off the streets they are eating, sleeping, learning about Jesus everyday, they are being taught how to read and write, how to function. They are being kept safe from drugs, gangs and sex traffickers. Will you please join with me to raise money this Christmas to help at least some of these children get off the streets and in somewhere they will learn about Jesus Christ!!!!

Street Children

Give a safe haven for vulnerable children

Many cities in Asia are rife with children who live alone on the streets. These children are vulnerable to kidnappers who sell them into bonded labor and the sex trade. Those who avoid kidnappers fall into gangs, drugs, and alcoholism. They know only distrust and pain; every day is a struggle to survive.

Your donation supports the ministry of GFA's street children homes. These homes provide the children with shelter, education, and food, as well as a message of Christ’s love.

You can change these little lives forever.

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