Waterbuffalo to the Rescue: Watermelon Fest

Goal: Raise $460 for Water Buffalo in Asia

Waterbuffalo to the Rescue: Watermelon Fest

Goal: Raise $460 for Water Buffalo in Asia






Message from Jenna

Hey there!

Welcome to the "Waterbuffalo to the Rescue: Watermelon Fest"campaign/event extraordinaire where you can help raise enough money to provide a family in Asia with their very own water buffalo!

Why a Waterbuffalo? What good will that do? You may or may not ask.

not only can a Waterbuffalo provide a family with transportation (let the buffalo rides begin)
they can also use the buffalo as a "plough animal, cart hauler, milk giver, and more-all in one sturdy creature that is often considered a member of the family." (to quote Gospel for Asia)

So why not join the adventure? The official Watermelon Fest will be taking place sometime soon. (Date and location yet to be finalized.) Admission will cost $10 and then you'll be granted the privilege to have access to an all-you-can eat Watermelon Buffet as well as Pin the Tail on the Waterbuffalo,
live music, and lots of water to drink.

you can also feel free to just go ahead and donate
money to the cause ahead of time! All goes towards the buffalo.

So...lets buy this Waterbuffalo and change some lives shall we? In doing so, we will be spreading God's love and a whole lot of joy along with.

Thankyou for your consideration.


About Water Buffalo

Water Buffalo are tough. These robust animals can easily haul a cart or plow a field, and they also supply milk. Purchasing a water buffalo may even help a poor mother feed her children and send them to school. Watch the video to learn more.

About Gospel for Asia


Since 1979, GFA has existed to fulfill one passion: seeing communities in Asia discover the same joy, hope and lasting peace we’ve found in Christ.

We serve to equip missionaries to minister throughout Asia. The projects funded through myGFA each play a significant part in helping missionaries serve more effectively and in transforming communities with the love of Christ.

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